Volcarona Pokémon Guide – Evolution, Stats, Moves, and More

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Hey, Pokémon fans! Today, let’s talk about Volcarona, the Bug/Fire-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation V. Many people consider it one of the best non-Legendary Pokémon due to its powerful special attacks and attractive appearance. Volcarona is much more than just that, though. 

Let us dive into the Pokémon world and learn everything there is to know about Volcarona, including its evolution, training plan, statistics, and much more.

Evolution of Pokémon Volcarona

Volcarona starts its journey as Larvesta, just like any other Pokémon. Larvesta is a low-level Pokémon that can be found virtually anywhere. It evolves into Volcarona, a level 59 Pokémon. 

Evolution Process

Volcarona Pokémon can only be found in specific locations, such as the Ancient Temple in the game, and they are extremely useful when playing online matches. Additionally, it has a special move called Quiver Dance, which makes it stronger in battle by boosting its stats.

Important Game Statistics

Let us examine the statistics of the Pokémon Volcarona. These stats can be extremely useful for improving your performance in Pokémon Go. 

Base Stats

Sp. Atk135
Sp. Def105
ClassificationSun Pokémon
Height5’03” (1.6m)
Weight101.4 lbs (46.0kg)
Gender Ratio50% Male / 50% Female
Capture Rate15
Egg Steps10,240
EvolutionLarvesta (Lv. 59)
StandardFlame Body (30% chance to burn on contact)
HiddenSwarm (Boosts Bug-type moves by 50% when HP is low)

Competitive Battling

RoleSpecial Sweeper
Key StatsHigh Special Attack
Enhancing MovesFiery Dance, Quiver Dance
Utility MovesGiga Drain (damage & HP restore), Protect, Substitute
Team SynergySun-based teams, Fire-type move boosts
WeaknessRock-type moves (4x weakness)

Origins and Lore

Volcarona is a Pokémon that resembles a moth and is based on the concept of a sun deity. This means that it is linked to the concept of a powerful being who represents the sun. 

It is often associated with hope because it is believed to bring light into the darkest of times, serving as a beacon to comfort and guide those in need. 

It appears in the Pokémon Black and White games in the Relic Castle, a mysterious and ancient location that contributes to its aura of age and importance. 

Relic Castle

The fact that Volcarona is located in such a significant location indicates its revered status and suggests that it has been honored and respected for a long time. It is a particularly unique and memorable Pokémon because of its status as a symbol of hope, as well as its ancient and revered presence.

Biology and Behavior 

Let us take a quick look at the biology and behavior of this Pokémon using the key points listed below. 

  • Resemblance to a Moth: It resembles a large moth with flame-like wings.
  • Physical Movement: It is sturdy and moves smoothly.
  • Attack: It can shoot flames from its wings to protect itself and its home.

Do You Know?
Despite its fiery nature, Volcarona looks after and protects its young version, known as Larvesta.

In-Game Availability

It is a unique Pokémon that can be obtained in various games. Learn how to locate it in each game: 

  • Black and White: Volcarona is located in the Relic Castle in these games. It is a unique encounter, which means it is not easy to get your hands on. You must travel to a specific location to find it.
  • X and Y: It can be obtained by evolving a Pokémon known as Larvesta. Larvesta can be found in the Friend Safari, a special feature that allows you to catch Pokémon that are not available in the wild. After catching Larvesta, you need to level it up until it transforms into Volcarona.
  • Black 2 and White 2: In these versions, Volcarona is found in the Nature Preserve. Later on in the game, you will be able to enter this unique area. You must first complete some tasks before arriving at the Nature Preserve and finding it. 
  • Sword and Shield: Volcarona is available in the Isle of Armor DLC in these games. You can get this extra content for the game, which includes new areas to explore and Volcarona, among other new Pokémon to catch.
  • Sun and Moon / Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: These games offer two options to find Volcarona. It can be found in specific locations throughout the game world, or you can evolve a Larvesta by leveling up.

So, these are some of the major locations in various versions of the game where you can find this Pokémon.

Training and Battling

Volcarona is one of the strongest Pokémon. It excels at attacking due to its speed and proficiency with special moves. During training, you should focus on improving the speed and special attacks. 

The following information will assist you in training and using Volcarona Pokémon in combat.

Volcarona’s Key Stats 

HP (Hit Points): 85 

Attack: 60 

Defense: 65 

Special Attack: 135 

Special Defense: 105 

Speed: 100

How to Train Your Volcarona? 

Let us go over some of the simple steps you can take to train your Pokémon with ease.

Volcarona GIF
  • Prioritize Special Attack and Speed:

    Since Volcarona has a high Special Attack, you should teach it to use strong special moves. Its excellent speed also allows it to attack many other Pokémon before they can. If it gains speed through training, it will be even more useful in battle.

  • Use Quiver Dance:

    Quiver Dance is a great Volcarona move. This move simultaneously increases its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It can become extremely strong and fast when using Quiver Dance in battle, making it difficult for opponents to defeat.

  • EV Training: 

    “EV” stands for Effort Values. You can give your Pokémon these points to strengthen specific stats. To further increase Volcarona’s Special Attack and Speed stats, you should give it EV points in these areas. Additionally, you can add some EV points to Volcarona’s Special Defense to help it withstand special attacks from other Pokémon.

  • Moves to Consider: 

    Aside from Quiver Dance, you should teach some other powerful special moves such as Flamethrower, Bug Buzz, and Fire Blast. These moves can cause significant damage to opponents.

Additionally, you can teach the Pokémon moves like Roost to help it heal during combat. Focusing on these areas will help Volcarona grow into a lightning-fast and incredibly powerful Pokémon that can defeat numerous opponents in combat.

Moves and Abilities

Let’s take a look at the key moves and abilities of Volcarona:

  • Quiver Dance: This move strengthens your Pokémon in three ways.

    It improves the effectiveness of special attacks, reduces the Pokémon’s vulnerability to special attacks, and increases the Pokémon’s movement speed.

  • Fiery Dance: This is a fire-type move that deals good damage and occasionally boosts your Pokémon’s special attacks.
  • Bug Buzz: This is a powerful bug-type move that deals significant damage to opponents.
  • Giga Drain / Psychic: These are additional techniques to assist in dealing with different situations.
  • Giga Drain: A grass-type move that allows your Volcarona Pokémon to steal health from their opponent.
  • Psychic: A psychic-type move that is effective against specific types of Pokémon.
  • Roost: Your Pokémon can regain some of its lost health by using this move to heal it.
  • Flame Body: If an opponent touches your Pokémon, this ability may burn them and cause them to take damage over time.
  • Swarm (Hidden Ability): When your Pokémon is low on health, this ability makes the bug-type moves stronger.

These explanations should help you better understand how each move works.

Role in the Pokémon World

In a lot of places, Volcarona is revered as a goddess or protector. It is positioned as a symbol of strength and hope due to its association with light during the dark and its presence in ancient ruins. Trainers who can raise a Volcarona to a high standard are often highly regarded.

In conclusion, It is a unique and strong Pokémon because of its impressive look and strong skills. Volcarona can shine in both casual and competitive play if it is properly trained to use its abilities and moves strategically.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Volcarona’s most suitable nature?

The best nature is either timid or modest, depending on whether you value speed or special attack.

How can I keep Volcarona from taking heavy damage from Stealth Rock?

You can use heavy-duty boots to avoid Stealth Rock damage.

What is Volcarona’s Hidden Ability?

Volcarona’s Hidden Ability is Swarm, which amplifies bug-type moves when his HP is low. However, Flame Body is generally more advantageous due to its ability to scorch opponents upon contact.


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